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Aerial Photography & Videography

Aerial Photography & Videography

- Landscapes/Artistic
- Weddings
- Events

Event Planners:

You planned a spectacular event; let us cinematize it. Still-photography and traditional videography do a great job at recording those special moments. However, they lack the ability to capture the impressive scale of concerts, the excitement of a race, and the epic grandeur of weddings. Our dronography footage captivates your audience and is perfect for sportscasts, corporate functions, and other recreational events. Best of all, our services are completely unobtrusive to your guests.

Plus, live streaming capabilities allow us to help you expand your reach with live simulcasts of your events to an audience of virtual attendees. Inconspicuously record the magic of weddings with sweeping sky views of the entire ceremony.

Reach out to us to discuss your event and see if Videos By Drones services are right for you!

Real Estate

Real Estate

- Photography
- Videography
- Residential/Commercial

Realtors and Developers:

How do you showcase your property and set it apart from others in this competitive market? Need a better way to attract buyers and increase your sales? Let our drone videography tell the story for you.

For high-end estates, waterfront properties, and large acreage, traditional real estate photography just does not cut it. Standard real estate videography cannot properly showcase a home’s stateliness. Drone footage can survey the parcel and introduce buyers to the greater community with a birds-eye walk-through of the neighborhood.

Would you like to leverage our expertise to increase your sales, attract buyers, and impress sellers? First-time realtors receive a free aerial photo shoot with up to five photos!



- Roofing
- Tower
- Property


Manned cell tower inspections are incredibly hazardous and costly. Drone-aided inspections cost an average of 50% less and without the risk to personnel. Let our drones facilitate your mission safely and effectively.

By accessing challenging areas, our drone pilots can obtain high-quality footage to complete roof inspections, troubleshoot gutter obstructions, locate leaks in skylights, or identify defects in a damaged chimney. There is no need for specialized equipment or to put personnel in hazardous conditions.

Contact us to learn about our drone-aided:
– Roof inspections
– Cell and tower inspections
– Skylight, chimney, and gutter investigations

Experience The Magic of Drone Videography

Drones, Quadcopters and Octocopters Are Perfectly Suited For The Purposes Of Aerial Photography.


We offer high quality aerial photos & videos captured by our experienced professional drone photographers. Let us impress you with our work.


Our team is equipped with high resolution drone cameras to capture every single moment with clarity and crispiness.

FAA Part 107 Certified

Our pilots are certified to provide a safe and lawful drone experience.


We are fully licensed and insured for that extra piece of mind.